Training with Tom Platz

    For those who are unfamiliar with Tom Platz, he was a successful bodybuilder in the 1980s. He was well known for his leg development that he put down to mainly the squat exercise. He is now regarded as one of the greatest from a "golden era" of bodybuilding.   Recently I had the oportunity to participate …

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Bad Personal Training

10 bad practices I have seen THIS WEEK by other trainers. 1)      Late for appointments 2)      Wearing casual “going out” clothes while teaching 3)      Leaving clients for long periods during paid sessions 4)      Delivering non progressing workouts 5)      Not correcting form 6)      Teaching areas of fitness the trainer has no experience of 7)      Unnecessarily invading …

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juice plus

Much like the pyramid selling supplement Herbalife, Juice Plus is gaining popularity as a weight loss wonder and all cure product. I can confidently say that most of the claims are nonsense and many of the before and after pictures either show an incorrect time frame or a photo-shopped image. Many of the sellers are …

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