Bad Personal Training

10 bad practices I have seen THIS WEEK by other trainers.

1)      Late for appointments

2)      Wearing casual “going out” clothes while teaching

3)      Leaving clients for long periods during paid sessions

4)      Delivering non progressing workouts

5)      Not correcting form

6)      Teaching areas of fitness the trainer has no experience of

7)      Unnecessarily invading the clients personal space

8)      Eating while teaching

9)      More focus given to phone than client

10)   Talking bulls#*t

Yes, I have witnessed all of the above just in a week.

 The reason why I have highlighted these points is to express my opinion of the generally low quality of personal trainers out there.  It takes 6 weeks to obtain a personal trainer qualification, 6 WEEKS! Hell, I’ve gained my knowledge and experience over 10 years and yet these freshly qualified trainers are regarded as “experts” because of a six week course (???).

 Even amongst the other “experienced” trainers I share a gym with only 30% of them stick to a regular training program themselves!  This is very frustrating as I’m training hard 4 days a week, eating my tuna and rice without fail, and living the lifestyle of a trainer: that’s the person I think I should be to call myself a “personal trainer”. I don’t force this way of living on my clients but surely the guy who is passionate about his work is leading by example.

My overall point is please take caution when choosing a personal trainer. There are some great ones out there but I believe 75% of them are not worth even a quarter of their hourly rate. Someone who has done a six week course may know a little more than you, and sadly probably enough to fool you into thinking they are an expert. My advice is question what your trainer does, firstly look at them: are they even in good shape themselves!!! Ask for achievements within the industry, they are a “professional” after all.

The world of exercise and changing body composition can be a confusing and contradictory one, don’t add to the problem and waste money in the process by accepting your trainer is an expert!