Do fat burning pills work?


Again I feel another product that is hyped up too much and believed to be something special. 

That said, if someone asked me to use every bit of knowledge I had to help them lose fat, I would include a “fat loss supplement” in the total plan. They will not make the difference between a successful weight loss or not but can make the journey a little easier (“little” being the important word). Fat loss supplements work from a couple of angles: a stimulant or a nootropic effect. Both help to reduce the appetite appetite and keep you feeling energised. ”Energised” should be used loosely as it does not take away the somewhat tired feeling you get from being on a low calorie diet.

Going back to the original question, I would probably say “no” they do not work if you compared two people both dieting, one with the supplement and one without. Or if the amount of fat loss was compared it would be very small.

From experience with clients I generally do not delve into the world of supplements, and yet I’ve had many successes with weight loss. So proving that fat loss supplements are definitely not needed! Infact the more a client knows about supplements the less they focus on what they need to do. They believe that the supplement is the bigger factor in getting them the results they wantIn summary: I believe fat loss supplements do have a role but focus on what is important: training regularly and consistently with effort!