juice plus

Much like the pyramid selling supplement Herbalife, Juice Plus is gaining popularity as a weight loss wonder and all cure product.

I can confidently say that most of the claims are nonsense and many of the before and after pictures either show an incorrect time frame or a photo-shopped image. Many of the sellers are uneducated and have no knowledge of nutrition. This seems absurd to me as I would never consider selling a service or product I was clueless about, especially when there are professionals out there.

Anyone smart enough to google juice plus will see its embarrassing history, especially involving O.J. Simpson who claimed it cured his arthritis and he no longer needed medication. However, when he was tried for murder he claimed his arthritis was too severe to commit murder and he was taking anti-inflammatory drugs. Studies have also suggested that the nutrients in Juice Plus may not be easily absorbed and are not present in significant amounts.

On the flip side I agree with its principal as a weight loss tool. I must make clear I do not agree with its ingredients, it is too high in sugar to be used as a meal replacement or "health food".

Keeping to a low calorie plan is tough and when you are low on calories your brain will make you want to eat. Planning lots of healthy meals throughout the day can overwhelm some people and the likelihood of falling off a diet plan is high. If the dieter can replace the gaps in between main meal times with a low calorie shake then it is one less healthy snack to think about and the dieter is less likely to pick at food. I have had a lot of success with clients using protein shakes at the usual snack times (11am and 4pm). For many this is a typical time to have a chocolate bar or "pick me up" food to make it through to lunch or dinner. The dieter then only has to think about 3 controlled meals a day, or in the "slim fast" plan, one meal.

In summary, weight loss shakes can be effective but most on the market are junk with an added vitamin pill. Food will always be the healthier choice. Maintaining a diet is as much mental as it is physical, it takes a lot of will power and if there is a compromise to ease things then protein shakes can be useful. I would question all the juice plus claims as it is clearly a well-oiled money making machine that people will continue to believe.