“Andy has a professional but fun attitude to his work and will push you hard for real results. He is passionate about his work and really knows his stuff. His prices are competitive and I felt like a valued customer, not just one of a long list of clients. I would recommend him to anyone”…Sian. Student Nurse

“I have been training with Andy now for about 9 months.The best thing about this training is that you are not judged by your size, but Andy wants to get you to your goal, and will push you to your limit in a safe manner.He will mix things up each week, which makes the whole gym experience and training program is great.This whole experience is hard work, and yes you will feel it.I can’t thank Andy enough for what he has done so far with me, got my confidence back up now, and had to buy new shirts 2 sizes smaller.I’ve still got a long way to go, but it is worth every penny because Andy will always get the best out of you”…Paul. Area Surveyor

“Andy has been my trainer for almost a year now and its the best decision i’ve ever made. His routines are tough but still enjoyable. He is always on hand if i need information, from nutrition, to dealing with aches and pains. The help he has given me has enhanced my confidence and i would recommend him in a breath!!” …Kelly. Bar manager

“If you want no-nonsense and effective personal training in Plymouth, Andy is your man.  Whether you want to lose weight or get stronger, Andy will taylor a training program for you, as well as providing dietary advice.  Follow his advice and the pounds will steadily melt away.  But don’t expect a walk in the park – training sessions can be a gruelling (and blub-inducing!) mix of cardio and weights, but you’ll always leave the gym pleased with your efforts – and the results”…Andy. Journalist

“​I’ve never been one to go the gym very often, but 18 months on, I am still having training sessions with Andy. My goal was to get fit enough to play in a football tournament I needed to lose weight and build stamina. With Andy’s tailored workouts and diet advice I achieved this very quickly. I have built muscle and kept the weight off. I have recommended Andy to everyone I know looking to get fit. I have a very busy work schedule but Andy is very accommodating with fitting in sessions. I always feel like I have accomplished a great deal when I leave a session with Andy. Andy also gives advice on supplements which has been very useful. I will be continuing to keep fit now I know how to go about it properly”…Tony. Instrumental Tutor

“I have been training with Andy for about 9 months now and have found him a  very good motivator and will push you to get your goals and beyond if you want. My fitness and stamina have gone up considerably and am lifting a lot more than I thought I could. But he always monitors you to keep you safe” …Jamie. Carpet sales/fitter

“Ive been training under Andy for seven months, and have seen myself achieve goals i thoughi never would. After dislocating my shoulder a number of times i was weary of lifting weights. Andy slowly got me back into it, after just 2months of training i was almost doubling the weights i was doing before the injury all through his hard but fare training methods and diet advice. I have recommended Andy to friends and they have thoroughly enjoyed the training and the outcome…”…Ant

“About a year ago I decided to join a gym – again!  Lucky for me Andy handled my induction and suggested I try a personal training session with him. Having never had a ‘proper’ PT session I decided to give it a go. After the first session it was obvious Andy could really help me achieve my goals through his very varied and functional workouts, along with excellent dietary advice. Now, after almost a year of working with him and approaching my 44th birthday, I would say that I’m in the best shape of my life – I’m lifting more weight than when I was in my 20’s, and have lost around 1.5 stone in weight and 8% body fat.  Andy is a great motivator, is very easy to work with and he’ll definitely help you achieve your fitness goals too” …John

“Like many I’ve been going to the gym for years, and although I had made progress it was slow. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started training with Andy, but I’ve not been disappointed! My strength and fitness has improved so much and I’m now targeting results i didn’t think I would be with an enthusiasm I didn’t have before! At one point I decided to go on a diet. With a diet and exercise plan he produced I lost 2 stone in 8 weeks, reducing my bodyfat from 23% to 11%. He has the knowledge and experience to get you to whatever goals you want to reach in a way tailored to you, always keeping it interesting. It’s not ‘one size fits all’. I would, and do, recommend him to anyone!”…Sam. Pharmacist 

I wanted to bulk up but I wasn’t sure how to do this and what method would be best for me. I felt that Andy’s 8 Week bulk up programme would be ideal for me, as it would provide me with a good starting base so that when I go on to train independently, I am performing the exercises correctly and moving forward. I like that Andy also provides you with a tailored diet plan and insightful info regarding nutritional supplements which can be very confusing when there are so many out there, all claiming different things. After 8 weeks of training with Andy, I have found the sessions to be enjoyable and have learnt a lot. In terms of gains, I have gained around 1 stone in weight, increased overall strength, and developed muscle growth. Andy is friendly, knowledgeable and down-to-earth and I know that if your aims are realistic and you follow Andy’s advice then you will be able to achieve your goals.” Richard. Sales Assistant

“I have never been a gym person but when my wedding date was getting closer I decided to look into it, especially when I ordered the dress in a smaller size. A friend recommended Andy so I decided to give him a call. My mum and I both went along with abit of apprehension! But we were really put at ease by Andy. He tested our fitness levels on the first day and produced a program based on this and what our aims were. During the 3 months our fitness levels improved and our body shape changed. It was good to know you had someone there for the whole duration of your time at the gym pushing you further, I know if he wasn’t there I would have given in rather quickly! Needless to say when my dress arrived into the shop i went for the fitting I was very pleased and had actually gone down almost 2 dress sizes. My friends and family also noticed the change which really boosted my confidence. Thanks Andy!”… Lynne

“I consider myself to be a novice in the world of bodybuilding and powerlifting with only 4 years under my belt. I have attempted a number of different techniques and styles of training taken from magazines, books and online forums with little success. When I first started training with Andy, I knew that the motivation to train hard would initially have to come from somewhere other than myself. Being an insulin dependent diabetic means fat loss, muscle gain and stamina are very hard to achieve so motivation was very low. My energy levels have always been high; however after 1 month of training with Andy I saw radical increases in my energy levels throughout the workouts and in everyday activities. I also noticed that my breathing techniques have improved and my understanding of what is required by me to reach my goals, both in the gym and general health, were.  In 3 months of training with Andy I have dropped 4% body fat, my HbA1c (long term blood sugar levels) have dropped to 7.1 from 9.3 and cholesterol, although was fine, has dropped from 4.3 to 3.5.  My deadlifts went from 100kg to 138kg and squats from 110kg to 145kg! All my questions are answered regarding training, supplements and diet, and probably the most imperative aspect of being trained by Andy is my goals are his goals, so failure is not an option”… Lee​. Phone Technician