What is my opinion of protein powders?


I’m all for protein powders but what I dislike is the hype and marketing surrounding them. I’m often asked this question and what bugs me is the number of people who believe that by adding protein powder to their diet that it will make a huge increase to their training progress. For most a negligible effect will likely happen.

Using protein powder is the same as eating chicken, fish, eggs, milk, steak etc (all protein sources). Clever marketing has made people believe protein powder is somehow better. For most a big focus on getting the above protein sources listed into their diet should be the first step! Along with good carbohydrate sources

The big benefit of protein powder is its convenience. Its easy to store and consume.

My advice would be where and when possible eat whole foods, and only when pushed for time use a protein powder as a protein source substitute. From my own experience I feel much healthier with more energy when eating whole foods. The counter argument to protein powder is that it has been so heavily processed the protein is denatured and useless. I don’t know this for fact but I would partly agree with this from experience (energy and well being . I have know a number of people who have relied heavily on protein powders and have suffered colds and flu’s more regularly than the norm.